Saturday, March 25, 2017

Inna's Unexpect Upcycling

12x12 fiber art from knitted VHS tape with drapery lining as the top layer. Buttons were her grandmother's.
It's always a treat to discover the talent within a group like City-wide Couture. Inna's presentation today was one such example. Inna's focus today was what I'd call Unexpected Upcycling. She re-uses materials to create garments, bags, belts and jewelry, in ways that are quite unique. Some of the base materials are also unexpected and always delightful.

Thanks to Inna for a wonderful program!

Here, Inna is wearing a vest that she drafted and made, plus a leather belt from an old leather jacket. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the back where she appliqued her beloved Finland in black leather. Tres chic and urban.

This started life as a man's shirt. She pleated the sleeves and reshaped it to fit. Very wearable and unique.
children's dresses, also from men's shirts

Evening bag from a man's silk tie

Toys from old jeans - love the shading from the upcycled denim

The cap below started out as an ordinary wool cap. Embroidery and dangling braids were added.

Made from an old sweater, these fingerless gloves are made very current with the black embroidered skull.

Draw-string back-pack made from drapery materials

Candy bar wrapper wrapped in clear plastic makes into a hip zipper bag 
Clutch from seat belts

Recycled and eco-printed drapery fabric

Bowl made from an old vinyl record heated in the oven. Jewelry from pop-tops and wooden beads.

Brooch and matching earrings from an old zipper

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Couture Finishes

Ginny presented a wonderful hands-on session today on various finishes she uses. Each adds just the right couture and artful touch.

First up was the hand under-stitch, just right for the perfect rounded neckline. She used the Susan Khalje technique. Although it requires a little finesse, the results are just lovely.

Next up were bias tubes. Here Ginny applied the Ann Williamson technique. With the added Ginny-original touches, the results are perfect each time. She also showed us a very pretty way to finish the ends with waxed thread.

Speaking of waxed thread, that was Ginny's main take-away.

After a terrific Show 'N' Tell, Ginny shows us her fabulous method for making gorgeous Monk's cord. I have uploaded a video to drop box. Hope you can see it.

If the above link does not work, try this one.

And here are pictures from the rest of her presentation:

Note all the couture details: the pick stitch along the front and sleeve cuffs, as well as the hand-made monk's cord with embedded garnet beads.

Used for making monk's cord - an old-fashioned screw driver

Above and below: samples of hand-made monk's cord

Show and Tell:

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Passion for Fashion

Lorraine's fabulous hand-made boiled wool coat, a labor of love and perfection! Detail picture below
Today CWC member Jim Stopher gave a presentation on his experiences with Passion for Fashion at the Novi, MI sewing expo. He has achieved greatly each of the two times he has participated. And he plans to participate again in the future. We got a glimpse into the process and he brought his unique and creative garments for us to see!

 Above and below, patterns he was allowed to use for his winter wonderland creation.

One of the fabrics he was required to us in his vintage challenge

Professional photos of the vintage garment on his model

Vintage patterns available for his use

Jim has won People's Choice and 3rd place.

He finished early the second year (!!!) and had time to make a matching bag

 Many thanks to Jim for an inspiring and interesting presentation!

Below are the topics we have selected for the remainder of 2016:

  • Trunk Show with Jeanette - Cosplay
  • Altered couture with Jeannine
  • What lies beneath: couture techniques for structure
  • Finishing finesse: hands-on
  • Travel wardrobe - trunk show
  • Designer techniques and shortcuts - lecture
  • Sashiko: hands-on
  • Hand-sewn buttonholes - hands-on
  • sewing with sheer fabrics - lecture
  • art-to-wear
  • Jackets - trunk show (everyone) 

And, of course, fabulous show 'n' tell!

Couture Upcycling

Wool knit ensemble from Pam Howard class

Katherine Tilton Tee from Pam Howard class

Marcy Tilton Tee from Pam Howard class

CC-style suit with silk charmeuse blouse

Upcycled sweatshirt

Lace ensemble

Tee from Pam Howard's class

Ivy top (The Sewing Workshop) from Pam Howard's class

Cropped jacket fitted in Pam Howard's class, plus upcycled RTW top

Marcy Tilton Tee from Pam Howard's class
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Full length, hand-sewn coat constructed out of boiled wool

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Upcycling jewelry



Upcycling with men's ties

Hand-dyed scarves

What to do with a gorgeous sari!