Monday, August 29, 2011

Collars with Collar Bands

VIP tools and book
VIP sewing of the collar band for perfect results
Insert the finished collar into the top of the band - MAGIC!
Lorraine led us through a very thorough tutorial on best practices for collars and collar stands. She makes all of her husband's shirts and it shows! Her skill is something I can aspire to. Her instructions make it look so easy, I now believe I might be able to do this too.

Her handouts, samples, descriptions and step-by-step instructions were wonderful. Thanks, Lorraine!

David Coffin wrote THE book on shirt-making (see picture above). Others have adopted and adapted his techniques. Some of the important aspects of perfecting this include

  • choice of needles
  • stitch length
  • order of construction - insert collar into band after attaching band to the shirt
  • choice of fabrics
  • careful trimming combined with proper stitch length
PS - I'm sorry but I will not be able to post more pictures due to operator error (maybe the flash was off?). There were some fabulous show 'n' tell items, including kimonos from Hellenne's recent class for us. I might try to post these later but then everyone at CWC may insist that I remove them all!