Saturday, June 25, 2016

Couture Finishes

Ginny presented a wonderful hands-on session today on various finishes she uses. Each adds just the right couture and artful touch.

First up was the hand under-stitch, just right for the perfect rounded neckline. She used the Susan Khalje technique. Although it requires a little finesse, the results are just lovely.

Next up were bias tubes. Here Ginny applied the Ann Williamson technique. With the added Ginny-original touches, the results are perfect each time. She also showed us a very pretty way to finish the ends with waxed thread.

Speaking of waxed thread, that was Ginny's main take-away.

After a terrific Show 'N' Tell, Ginny shows us her fabulous method for making gorgeous Monk's cord. I have uploaded a video to drop box. Hope you can see it.

If the above link does not work, try this one.

And here are pictures from the rest of her presentation:

Note all the couture details: the pick stitch along the front and sleeve cuffs, as well as the hand-made monk's cord with embedded garnet beads.

Used for making monk's cord - an old-fashioned screw driver

Above and below: samples of hand-made monk's cord

Show and Tell: