Saturday, March 25, 2017

Inna's Unexpect Upcycling

12x12 fiber art from knitted VHS tape with drapery lining as the top layer. Buttons were her grandmother's.
It's always a treat to discover the talent within a group like City-wide Couture. Inna's presentation today was one such example. Inna's focus today was what I'd call Unexpected Upcycling. She re-uses materials to create garments, bags, belts and jewelry, in ways that are quite unique. Some of the base materials are also unexpected and always delightful.

Thanks to Inna for a wonderful program!

Here, Inna is wearing a vest that she drafted and made, plus a leather belt from an old leather jacket. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the back where she appliqued her beloved Finland in black leather. Tres chic and urban.

This started life as a man's shirt. She pleated the sleeves and reshaped it to fit. Very wearable and unique.
children's dresses, also from men's shirts

Evening bag from a man's silk tie

Toys from old jeans - love the shading from the upcycled denim

The cap below started out as an ordinary wool cap. Embroidery and dangling braids were added.

Made from an old sweater, these fingerless gloves are made very current with the black embroidered skull.

Draw-string back-pack made from drapery materials

Candy bar wrapper wrapped in clear plastic makes into a hip zipper bag 
Clutch from seat belts

Recycled and eco-printed drapery fabric

Bowl made from an old vinyl record heated in the oven. Jewelry from pop-tops and wooden beads.

Brooch and matching earrings from an old zipper