Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welt Pockets

Jane made a thorough and delightful presentation on the creation of beautiful welt pockets. The same techniques apply to bound button holes. This process was taught to her by her mentor and teacher Nina Gleyzer.

Step One: Very precise thread-marking of 5 parallel lines on interfaced garment section
Step 1

Step Two:  Baste lips in place on WS of garment, using the upper two and lower two thread-marked lines. Machine stitch in place.
Step 2

Step Three: use middle horziontal line of thread marking to cut pocket opening on fashion fabric, stopping 1.5 cm from each end to create a tiny triangle. Turn lips to RS but do NOT press yet.

Step Four: Baste lips together by hand on the RS of finished lips:

Step 4

Step Five: Press.

Step Six: Create pocket part. Attach pocket. Stitch down each triangle using a slightly arched stitching line.

Note that many details are omitted from this description. The purpose is to give a pretty good idea of the precision needed for this approach which, if followed, will produce absolutely beautiful welt pockets. Much practice is required. The original 5 parallel lines must be absolutely precisely sewn. I believe this to be true. Jane told me so.

One seriously inspired CWC member,