Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three Takes on Creativity

Lisa designs and creates jewelry.
Today, Lisa, Sandie and Martha each presented their personal creative processes - each a little different. Thanks to Joan for running the show in Jenny's absence. We did miss you, Jenny. Can't wait to hear of your world travels.

Lisa's Presentation:

Lisa loves to sew for others, especially her daughters. She is also a designer of jewelry. Check out some of her gorgeous pieces. Great inspiration here, Lisa!

Lisa's quilted jacket, highlighting the pattern in the lining.

Homecoming dress for Lisa's daughter

Martha's Presentation:

Sandie's Presentation:

Sandie celebrates her projects with a journal.

*My Sewing Room is Clean* #1 
*My Sewing Room is Clearn* #3?

And here are some pictures from Show 'N' Tell:

Jeannine's *before*

Above and below, Jeannine's *After* Wow!

Ginny's Tessuti top

Jan's progress on a woven silk blouse - part of her SWAP

Jane has added a silk dupioni top to her Holiday skirt

Dagmar's sweet summer skirt (pegged)

Lucretia's dress for an event in her honor