Sunday, January 25, 2015

Draping with Sally!

Well, 2015 is off to a wonderfully inspired beginning. Our first meeting of the year started with some business from our leader, Jenny, at left.

Then we saw an expert draper in motion. Sally, thanks so much for the informative demonstration of draping a bodice. It was clear and made me want to give it a go! Plus she provided us with some great resources so that we can try it ourselves.

Sally started by covering some tools of the trade. Check out her needle tracer, useful for tracing through fabric. It can be used to trace of seams in an existing garment as well as tracing through a freshly draped muslin right onto pattern paper.

Sally in action!

And then there was show and tell. Many interesting and lovely projects including...

Barbara's SWAP progress. All is created around this gorgeous tweed jacket in her colors.

A beautifully constructed shirt jacket plus a green knit top.

Barbara #2 modeled a new jacket she created, also in HER colors. Cool lining too.

And Karen's been busy sewing for a client. Amazing detail and work on this historical costume.

Sue has also been working on her SWAP. Here you can see pants, a top, and a vest, all in a gorgeous color way, perfect for her complexion.

Sue also brought this charming casual jacket made from a bonded sweater knit.

New member Carol modeled a beautiful trench which fits her perfectly. Lovely details, too.

And Jeannette showed us her trial run with a leather-like fabric. What a cute top. Check out the fit. Perfect thanks to Deanne's class. 

And that exposed zip is just right for her cool look.

Jeannette also showed us a party dress she whipped up for DH's holiday party. Perfectly fitted and just the right party fabric.

And Carolyn showed us a dress made for her granddaughter, as well as her sweatshirt converted into a cozy and colorful jacket.

Marybeth modeled a gift from fellow couture pal, Laurel. This is that wonderful Vogue pattern used in the Alabama Chanin class on Craftsy.

Lorraine showed us gorgeous progress on her SWAP. She is building it around this couture jacket made in Pam Howard's class. The rust color is so lovely on Lorraine.

Here she models the coordinating sweater knit top and just right brown wool pants. The knit top is interlined with a black mesh, using Jude Hill's glue stitch.

Jane showed us a pretty and festive silk blouse in yummy raspberry. Her custom pattern.

Laurel does not just make jackets for her good friend Marybeth. She also makes cat-toure.

And Ginny closed the meeting with this gray-on-gray Mandy topper. It is upcycled from her husband's worn t-shirts. I hope you can see the black sashiko stitch and color blocking that make this shirt so charming.