Monday, January 24, 2011

Beware of Rayon with Steam!

During show and tell at the January 22 CWC meeting, Lorraine talked about the Louise Cutting blouse, "A Subtle Twist", that she made for her sister Jan in a pink and coral rayon batik. Although the techniques were not couture, Lorraine wanted to share her insight into working with the fabric after hemming the garment in three different ways before it was acceptable. Lorraine's problem stemmed from using a steam iron, which swells the fabric and distorts the techniques being used. Had she referenced Sandra Betzina's book, "More Fabric Savvy" (vs. "Fabric Savvy" in which she recommended using steam), she would have saved herself lots of work. The latest version of Betzina's book indicates that only a dry iron should be used.

The photo is of Lorraine in a raw silk version of the blouse and her sister Jan in the rayon batik version. Both are beautiful, aren't they?

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