Saturday, July 23, 2011

ASG Atlanta Events July, August, & September 2011

Mary Ray in a Couture Quilted Jacket
In our meeting today, I mentioned three upcoming events you may want to attend:

Mary Ray's Lecture: Friday, July 29, 7 PM, St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church, Atlanta ($15)
Mary Ray's Workshop: Sunday, July 31, 1-7 PM, also at St. Dunstan's ($60 price includes Friday's lecture)

***See examples of Mary's work at Mary Ray Designs.

Sample Kimono by Hellenne Vermillion

Hellenne Vermillion's Oh, Kimono!: Saturday, August 20, 9:30 am - 3 pm, Trinity Lutheran, Lillburn ($50)

***See examples of Hellenne's work at Vermillion Art. Be sure to check out the silk piece that sold recently.

Fashion Show: Saturday, September 3, 2 PM, St. Aidan's Episcopal Church; Deadline to enter your piece in the show is August 1. Send pictures and descriptions to Martha. NOTE: let me know if you do not wish to model your piece. We can hang it for people to peruse OR I can find someone else to model it.

BTW, I will post pictures from today's fabulous lecture on collars by Martina as soon as I receive them from Shirley.

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