Monday, April 28, 2014

Martina and Nancy and Sue, Oh, My!

By Sue
What a fabulous presentation we had at our April meeting. My inspiration well has been filled to brimming by three very special, and very different artisans - Martina, Nancy and Sue.

Part trunk show, part gallery showing, part tutorial. Many thanks to you three!

Martina's Pieces

In-seam treatment

Another seam treatment

Nancy's pieces:

Collar is hand-tatted

A little surprise in the sleeve head!

Wedding gown to evening gown!

Sue's pieces:

(Dry Clean Only!)

Creating shear inserts

Sheer organza vest with painted embellishment


  1. There was so much presented that I lost track. Thanks so much for posting the pictures to help us remember all those fabulous techniques.

  2. Thank you Martha for taken and posting the pictures.
    Nancy H.