Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rhanda Teaches Us All About Interfacings

Guide in NYC provides a sampler pack of various interfacing options
Many thanks to Rhanda, who bravely took on a VIP topic, use of interfacings in garments. Rhanda carefully researched a huge variety of applications, dispelling several myths about when and where and how to apply interfacings for good effect.

Light weight fusible appllied to a metallic fabric

Light weight knit fusible applied to slinky

Heavy and medium weight woven fusibles

And then, of course, there was fun and inspiring Show N Tell:

Jim wowed us with a dress for his granddaughter and an ensemble for his wife. These garments were submitted for consideration to participate in the 2015 Passion for Fashion contest at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. Jim has been accepted and will participate in late September. 

We are all very excited and impressed. We are hoping for more news, perhaps at the October meeting of CWC. 

Last year he came in third! Here is a picture of the 3 winning garments from 2014. Jim's is the one on the left:

2014 Winners Passion for Fashion in Novi MI

And here is even more Show N Tell:

Bag that converts to a blanket for new grandbaby

Knit tops and a skirt (above and below)

Summer skirt

Beautifully fitted top

4th of July topper

Katherine Tilton shirt for summer

A summer dress for studio work

Lined knit top and linen pants

Perfectly chevroned stripes

Baby gifts

Convertable baby bunting for new grandbaby

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